Fattening Frogs For Snakes

It’s Just Air Music

in the words of Robert Pete Williams

”It’s just air music. It just
comes to me,
is all. When I ride
in a car

or I’m in a field working
I might begin to hear
sort of an echo, as an echo
of singing,

like. And then
maybe I start to sing
with the echo,
or maybe I just keep it

on my brain
until I get home
& then pick up my guitar
& start to play those blues.

”Yessir, itıs just
music, but I re-
member it.

“Oh, I write them,
too. I sit here & look at you
from the head on down,
& I could make a song

of you. Or say
you misuse & scold me,
I could make a record
of that.

“Well, sure. Like me & my wife.
If she’s mad at me
& get to fussin’, then I just
get my guitar

& sit down like I am
right now, & I just
pick it off. Just pick those blues
away. It’ll be all right then.”

—I- 57 Rest Stop
near Champaign, IL
July 17, 1987