Fattening Frogs For Snakes

King Biscuit Time

for Sunshine Sonny Payn

Then it was the radio
that spread the blues
all through the Delta

from just before Pearl Harbor
in December 1941
& for years thereafter

every day at noon
to 12:15 (& later from 12:15
to 12:30) at 1360 on your dial,

”King Biscuit Time”
on KFFA Radio
out of Helena, Arkansas

broadcast the musical sounds
of Sonny Boy Williamson
(actually Rice Miller) & his band

with Robert Lockwood Jr.
’live’ on the air
throughout the Delta

& then simulcast the program
on WROX in Clarksdale
to reach out for 80 miles around,

selling King Biscuit Flour
& Sonny Boy Corn Meal
with a pitch like this

delivered by KFFA announcer
Sonny Payne (& after 1942,
by Herb Langston)—

written personally
by Mr. Max Moore, President
of the Interstate Grocery Company:

”Pass the biscuits,
’cause it's King
Biscuit Time!

Light as air!
White as snow!
Yes, friends, that’s

King Biscuit Flour,
the perfect flour
for all your baking.

“Friends, do you like
honest to goodness
Southern cornbread,

corn sticks, corn muffins,
corn pone,
or just skillet cornbread?

Well, say no more, just step out
& get yourself a bag
of that fine, white, fancy

Sonny Boy Meal
& start baking. Yes,
you can bake the best corn bread

you ever tasted
with Sonny Boy Meal. When you buy
Sonny Boy Meal

from your grocer, you get the
finest, whitest,
& cleanest meal

packed in bags. And remember,
Sonny Boy Meal is

to give you

— Detroit
March 23 > June 1, 1982