Fattening Frogs For Snakes

I Can’t Be Satisfied

for Ken & Ann Mikolowsk

Early in 1948
Muddy Waters cut for Aristocrat
”I Can't Be Satisfied” b/w
”I Feel Like Going Home”

Released in April, 1948
the initial pressing sold out
all over Chicago
just over 12 hours later.

Muddy says:
”I had a hot blues out, man.
I’d be drivin’ my truck,
& wherever I’d see a neon beer sign

I’d stop, go in,
look at the jukebox
& see my record on there.
I might buy me a beer

& play the record
& then leave.
Don’t tell nobody

”Before long,
every blues joint there was,
that record was on the jukebox.
And, if you come in

& sit there
for a little while,
if anybody was in there,
they gonna punch it.

“Pretty soon I’d hear it
walking along the street.
I’d hear it
driving along the street.

”About June or July
that record was getting really hot.
I would be driving home from playing,
2 or 3 o’clock in the morning,

& I had a convertible
with the top back
’cause it was warm.
I could hear people

all upstairs
playing that record. It would be
rolling up there, man.
I heard it all over.

One time
I heard it coming
from way upstairs
somewhere, & it scared me—

I thought I had died!”

— Detroit
March 21, 1982/
New Orleans
December 7, 1995