Fattening Frogs For Snakes

Train Fare Home

for the Frantic One — Ernie Durham

”We was down around Monroe
& Shreveport, Louisiana,”
Muddy Waters recalls. “Had a little
tour down there

with a disc jockey,
called him the Groovy Boy. ‘Juke’
had just come out
& we went in

this club one night
& the people were
playing that record.
Every time
the jukebox would ring,

Little Walter couldn’t stand that jive.

The next day
he grab a train,
psss sssshhhhh,
back to Chicago.

When me & Jimmy got back,
Walter asked me, ‘Wh-wh-
where my money?’—like
for the rest of the tour?

I said, ‘I
thought you
brought it
wit-cha. . .’”

Yeah, mother fucker,
I thought you
brought it
wit - cha!

— Detroit
March 22, 1982/
New Orleans
December 14, 1995 > August 27, 1999